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Sharyn's Re*Markable Journey

SYMBOLISM ~ The Truth of My Mission

Since time perpetual, symbols have communicated messages to its observer. In every culture, water, wood, fire, earth, and metal has a major significance. Water is essential for the body and for the globe to be healthy and hydrated. The deep unknown is explored with mindfulness, as it is where the Great Mystery or the Void abides. Water is associated with the dream kingdom. Fire's eternal flame within the heart impassions us with enthusiasm, illuminating our best self. It's warmth, fuel, and divine light represents basking in our own brilliant glow. Earth is Mother Earth where within the receptive, feminine and nurturing womb of life itself, we are safe, secure and sustained. Metal denotes Father Sky, the heavens, angelic & fairy realms, mentors, moving forward and clear communication. Symbolism is a deeply personal yet universal process.

For example, one person may have a positive association with a certain a movie and yet another person's experience can be entirely different. Plus the mass mind-set can influence one to an object or experience's value. When we owned movie theatres, we attended an annual event called Show East, where we previewed many of the upcoming films. In the mid-90's, we saw Muriel's Wedding, an Aussie flick that was a very dry comedy. Seeing it with a savvy film-aware audience created an appreciative experience for its quirkiness and we loved it. When the film, debuting Toni Collete, was released, I was delighted to book it. Unforeseen by me, our audiences did not like it... in fact, they found it to be quite odd. This conservative audience saw through a completely different lens and this was okay! Each of sees life from the inside out and there is no right or wrong way to relate.

It is important to be in touch with our belief systems around certain objects and mindsets. When we operate or believe that society in general is moving into a gentle and loving process, one's vibration or frequency increases. We are part of the solution and therefore in the flow. We will find ourselves moving freely through the scale of conscious awareness beyond fear, judgment and lack. In this mode, we easily say YES to loving thoughts, and healthy emotions. These mindful processes are accomplished by being very present ~ in the kNOW. Within this present state, there is a deeply internal psychology at work. Being comfortable in an empowered and healing vibration, enables us to discover the ever-evolving truth and clarity of our mission.

When love embraces every part of our being... even the gray areas, the co-creation process moves us above the group mind and the areas where we have been stuck are dissolved. How does one do this? By saying YES!

Imagine the word YES as a doorway. In your mind's eye the style of this door is all in your choosing. It may by an exquisitely hand carved, 10' wooden door, an ample, ebony door with a stained-glass Yin/Yang art-work insert, or even a beautiful Victorian glass door with breath-taking metal sculpted flowers. When you have mentally designed your door, sketch it out on paper.

Now see this grand YES door gracefully opening. Step inside and affirm the following :

  • I Say YES to Receiving Infinite Abundance
  • I Say YES to My Inspired Creativity
  • I Say YES to Manifesting My Intentions as A Tangible Reality
  • I Say YES to Nurturing My Relationships
  • I Say YES to Being An Active Listener
  • I Say YES to Affirming My Strength, Focus, and Fulfillment
  • I Say YES to Honest Communion With Self and My Loved Ones
  • I Say YES to Serving from My Heart
  • I Say YES to Accessing My Sacred Place From Within
  • I Say YES to Expanding My Horizons

Enjoy the complete awareness of the peace and deep contentment that feeds your soul and gives wings to your spirit ~ it is resplendent. When you reach out and give of yourself...you say YES with confidence, kindness, wholeness and love.

Y =you, youthful, yoga (oneness), yin, yang

E =energy, enthusiasm, excitement, enjoyment, euphoria, expansion, enchanted, engage, elegant, enthralled, enjoined, essential, ecstasy, elation, engage, excellent, excel, easy, eloquent, enduring, endearing, education, exotic, emerald, ethical, efficient, e-mail, explore, embellish, eight, and elate.

S =soul, spirit, simplified, sacred, supportive, synchronicity, silver, silence, sea salt. sync (as being in-sync), star, sapphire, sea shell, sandstone, science, superabundant, symmetry, sail, surf, and sunshine.

There are thousands of Y, E and S words however I only selected the soft and loving ones with a noticeably higher vibration. This is essential for your internal dialoging system becomes supremely symbolic to the quality of your life experiences. Choosing words of elegance, beauty, grace, healing, and love re*leases you from the numbing group-mind.

So you see, YES is actually an acronym for living joyously and radiantly expressing your truth. Taking the initiative to increase environmental vibration and live with loving symbolic chatkies opens the YES door where one's life becomes more fun and definitely more spontaneous. When this keen awareness is enhanced, shifted and expanded, a stream of clarity, ah-ah moments, energetic transformations, inspiration, creativity can then pave life's path. We easily re*cognize Who, Why, and How We Are in the larger context of higher or Cosmic Consciousness. If boiled down to a liquid, this amazing consciousness is called Unconditional Love.

Indeed, Unconditional Love is an incredibly powerful energizer as it shifts the way we interact and how we experience our life. Regardless of which octaves a person is living from, saying YES empowers us to see colors more vividly, experience life and nature more intuitively, enjoy balance and mindfulness. Living in this harmony empowers you to KNOW how you can best work through your challenges and just how simple it is to upgrade your environmental and personal energetic systems. Re*member, everything is vibration or frequency.

So-o-o-o say YES, Yes, Yes! Re*sonate in symbolic and bliss... finding the treasures of the inner and outer home where peace, healing, love and happiness are not only exemplified but beautifully epitomized.

Copyright © Sharyn Jordan Hathcock, All Rights Reserved