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Click here to read a sample chapter from the book! In The Home Whisperer – Feng Shui Simplified, Sharyn Jordan Hathcock has performed a monumental feat – she has merged the wisdom teachings of inner and outer living to create one comprehensive philosophy that encompasses both. You can purchase your copy of The Home Whisperer - Feng Shui Simplified right here... $22.99

To purchase your copy at a store in the White Mountains of Arizona, it is available at the following locations:

Calm Center Acupuncture
Center for Divine Awareness
Living Out Loud
Pueblo Southwest
White Mountain Radio (see Barbara Bruce)
Book Worm

If you find places here that are repeated, please use it as an opportunity to allow this message to settle deeper within you. Grab a pencil and make notes where you find room. There is much here to learn, so enjoy the journey!
There's always a Silver Lining!

What Readers Say...

Early in 2000, I had heard about Feng Shui and sought out a Master to do a radio show with me on “Feng Shui and Quitting Smoking.” I wanted to dangle a carrot to the listening audience to get them to listen to my show. Sharyn Hathcock stepped up to the task. It was a great show, but then I forgot about it. A year later, Feng Shui made its way into my life and I sought Sharyn out again… not for another show, but to continue her Feng Shui seminars for our community. She did, and I did everything she recommended! With intent set, I went from being a Tobacco Cessation Facilitator, to President/CEO of a Chamber of Commerce and on to my dream job – Promotions Manager and Radio Talk Show Host for SIX radio stations. My life is a FENG SHUI DREAM COME TRUE.
~ Barbara Bruce, White Mountain Radio personality, former Director of the Show Low, Arizona Chamber of Commerce

The Home Whisperer is as elegant as it is full of rich content. It is a stunning accomplishment that honors the best traditions of Feng Shui and is a welcome, essential and fun tool for every house and home."
~ David Rippe, award-winning coauthor of The Flip: Turn Your World Around

To all who know her, Sharyn is an amazing individual, mentor, and blessing. Her positive energy and wisdom are relevant and vital no matter where you are in your life's journey.
~ Amie Rodgers, Owner/Publisher, Maverick Magazine

A must read for beginners and long time practitioners! Having studied Feng Shui, in various and often-conflicting forms, this book simplifies Feng Shui. As an energy worker, this book addresses numerous questions in a way I could internalize.  FS became alive for me. I now walk into a room and I can feel the energies, where they flow and where they are blocked or stagnant. As I make corrections in my own home and office, I am getting almost immediate results in the way of flowing creative energies, more stamina and increased sales in my business. My living room now supports an inviting place to greet guests and doubles as a quiet retreat to read and relax.  People comment that my home “feels” wonderful. Thank you Sharyn for taking the mystery out of Feng Shui.  I will use this book as a handbook for years to come.
~ Diana Wesley Bay, Energy Psychology Therapist

Jay and Sharyn Hathcock teamed up to bring readers a legacy dedicated to their fathers, both of whom have passed into the Light. Dreams of our fathers can bring both joy and healing.

This book is available as a softcover, 5.5" x 8.5"and is priced at just $11.11. Purchase your copy by clicking the button below.

Contact the authors to get your copy!

The Miraculous Gift of WATER

Drink Alkalized Re*strucured Water & Be a Catalyst for
Your Own Buoyant Re*Birth

Visit www.optimizeyourbodyshealingpotential.com

The book is available NOW at the website above - click the link!

Kangen Water

Golden Harmony 8

These items combine the pure natural fiber of silk with the energy of beautiful colors in these products for The Home Whisperer - Feng Shui Simplified.

  • Decorate your home with beautiful banners
  • Wrap yourself in healing energy
  • Mark passages in your favorite inspirational reading
  • Display the cards in auspicious places throughout your home

Click on each image to view a larger version. Please contact us with your questions.





Own a FULL SET of these beautiful silk banners! Each banner is made of silk with fringe along the bottom, suspended from a dowel with a silk hanging cord and tassels. A beautiful and effective tool for balancing, healing and setting new energetic intentions for your home or workspace!



Feng Shui scarves, by Healing Silks. Wrap yourself in the healing energy of beautiful color in energetic balance, designed on a luxurious silk production. Currently available only in the blue shown at right, but new colors are being developed and will be available as soon as possible. 17" x 77", plus fringe, 12mm silk.

$79.77 each


Feng Shui Bookmarks! Currently available only with the blue shown at left, but new colors are being developed and will be available as soon as possible.
2.75" by 7.125", plus fringe, with 12mm silk front and rayon back.

$7.97 each


Golden Harmony8 Cards & Bag - 1 Set of Cards
1 Set of Golden Harmony Feng Shui Harmonizing Cards -
Balance your home and office. Beautiful graphics!


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