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About Feng Shui

Feng Shui translated represents Wind and Water or the Unseen and the Seen. It is enunciated as FUNG SHWAY. Wind and water are each powerful forces of nature and create change. They are an allegory to the study of how to harness the universal energies surrounding us and draw on them to improve and enhance our life’s experience. As we embody the innate flow of nature’s energy in our environment, we learn to embrace and generate positive transitions of our life. When we are out of nature’s flow, we are open to experience conflict. Specific places in our environment, in relation to various facets of our life, enjoy a pattern projected by nature. Depending on our home or workspace’s blue print, our cherished relationships, creativity, and even our prosperity is influenced.


By considering the quality of our home and workplace’s energy, we become aware of how to invite in harmony and true wealth. Fend Shui is a catalyst to enhance the life we are presently living and create the one we desire to experience tomorrow. The art and science of Feng Shui is about creating a nurturing and empowering environment. Feng Shui Simplifed embodies these these time-tested principles and teaches this process as a simple path. FSS is understandable and its mission is to bring clarity to the Feng Shui journey. Since our Earth’s energy is constantly changing, FSS works with this transforming energy and adjusts accordingly. When we are flexible and open to living from achievement to greater awareness, this expedition is an adventure of abundance, fulfillment, and understanding.

Since energy moves in a spiral, both ascending and descending; star and inverted star pattern of energy also exist. FSS honors these natural laws and explains them in useable terms. You may think of FSS as the bridge that connects our environment to our intentions, visions and dreams. Studying FSS’s graceful approach to family bliss, true abundance, joyful recognition for your achievements, relationship synergy, inspired creativity, synchronicity, attracting a career in a profession that can be likened to a motivational calling, and of course, having the time for self-cultivation and knowledge that will complete you. The aforementioned areas of your life are actual age-old Feng Shui tenants. They correspond to your home and work space and they exist in the NOW…they are waiting for you to step into them.

The words Feng Shui are of Chinese origin. I am often asked why these words were christened as the name of an energy practice. There are several reasons and upon reading about them, you will most likely agree with its’ wisdom. Since the Chinese understand that their structures are living entities and pay homage to Nature and her laws, it was accepted that wind and water were brought into the perception of blessings. Initially, the Chinese farmers watched after the wind. It was necessary for this early agricultural society to protect their crops against its mighty force. As a ten year old, I recall reading Pearl Buck’s THE GOOD EARTH. This moving novel impressed upon me the attention paid to the elements. In order to shield the crops, they made it a custom to plant them on the southfacing slope of mountain.

The second component for a healthy harvest was water. It was indispensable and its liquidity nourished the plants and contributed to their growth. These two elements were always taken into consideration and contributed to a bountiful yield. In turn, an abundant crop return insured the farmer of being richly rewarded. His family prospered and in this practice of honoring Wind and Water, Feng Shui has its roots.

As the farmer became more urbanized and absorbed into city living, water became the symbol for roads. Of course, all things that pertained to water continued to hold the energy of water. Buildings are synonymous for mountains and the wind still represents change or transformation. Geometric shapes were emblematic and had great meaning. A square epitomizes Earth, a circle characterizes Metal, curvilinear lines signifies Water, an upright rectangle or pillar such as a tree or column symbolizes Wood, and a triangle embodies Fire.

Every Chinese dynasty has revered Feng Shui principles. Since Feng Shui is the reading of Earth energy and Astrology is the understanding of heavenly energies, each and every Emperor had their own personal Feng Shui Master and Astrologer. When our grandson Shawn (then age 11) and I went to the Forbidden City Exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona, he was amazed at the remarkable history laid out before our eyes. The children’s curator approached him to answer any questions he may have had…of course, he was full of them. He was especially curious of the many devices that viewed the heavens and the hundreds of maps that detailed the known earth. What exactly did they have in common with the Emperor’s lengthy meditations? The curator leaned closer to him, lowered her half-lensed glasses, and as though imparting secret knowledge that was tightly held among the select few, she whispered, “With their Astrologer and Feng Shui Master, they literally, and I do mean literally, controlled the heavens and the earth…they took care of their people and lands.” We both felt a chill run down our backs. We could intuit this knowledge to be ever so true.

As we move through the study of Feng Shui, we will touch on many of the historical traditions of numerous cultures and their influence on the changing nature of Feng Shui. Throughout history, tribes and civilizations have honored Nature and her laws. To survive, indigenous people have always observed Nature’s cycles. Instinctively, they integrated nature into their homes. Another way of life is that of the Native American tribes. They always faced their homes to the east. Upon rising, they greeted the sunrise with the full knowledge that this was a new day…yesterday was not their concern anymore. They lived fully in the present. Nature only balanced their lives, but fed and clothed them. As they listened and lived with Nature, they created and enjoyed harmony and great spiritual understandings.

From the Roman empire, Egyptian rule, pre- and post-Byzantine era; ad infinitum, there are countless stories of societies and their relationship to their cultural zymology. These rich tales are retold through famous archeological finds and we can once again, understand how these articles enriched, encouraged and enlightened their walk of life. Archeological finds tell us how previous cultures lived and what the quality of their existence was. Our artifacts also reveal who we are. Whatever our timeline, environmental influences will dictate what kind of life we live. And eventually, it will create our culture.

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