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The Energy of Your Address Revealed

Isaac Newton believed that special numbers governed all natural phenomena. Since Ch’i is influenced by many components, certainly the energy of numbers is a main consideration. Numerology is the study of the numbers themselves. Galileo believed that all of nature is written in the language of mathematics. Plato insisted that as a prerequisite to his academy, his students must understand Geometry. What does this means for the energy of your address?  By converting letters into numbers, you will find a pattern or a profile of the prevailing energy of your home.  To determine your home’s influences, apply the following template accordingly.

Numbers exceed their value in merely adding or subtracting items in the mathematical and world of commerce. In Feng Shui, all even numbers are yin and odd are thought of as yang.  Numerical laws actually create the harmony necessary to scores of music.  Numbers rule the progression of the planets and the underscore Pythagoras, a Greek philosopher’s association of numbers and the laws of our universe.  He established the mystical energy of a number to the more than the quantity it symbolized.

“Were it not for Numbers and their nature, nothing that exists would be clear to anyone, either in itself or in relation to other things.  You can observe the power of Numbers in all the acts and thoughts of man.”  …Pythagoras

In the Hebrew and Greek tradition, each letter of the alphabet was assigned a number value. Based on this tradition, Nomenology is the study of one’s name…it is fair to research this and find out what your name says about you.  It combines the art of numerology, runes, and the wisdom of the Kabala.  Which comes first, the chicken or the egg… do we live up to our name’s expectations or do we create our lives around the energy preordained by our name.  I submit that we can create more than our name suggest, however valuing the inherent positive energies within the name, supports our greater selves. So it is with our home or office’s address, this is merely a jumping off place to better understand the location’s energy. By harnessing the vital forces of nature, practicing positive thinking, cultivating wisdom and living in gratitude, we have the ability to exceed the following descriptions.

701 7955 12

For example, if the address is 701 Pine St., the value is 7+1+7+9+5+5+1+2=37.
The value is 37…unless you have an 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, please continue to reduce it down…3+7=10=1. The Energy of the House is ONE.

ONE:  Individuality, Originality, Fresh New Beginnings, Purpose, Advancement, Innovation, Pioneer…Blazes New Trails, Confidence, Follow Feelings.

TWO:  Empathetic, Romantic, Cooperative, Consideration, Kindness, Diplomacy, Co-Dependent, Friendship, The Dance of Yin and Yang In perfect Harmony, Self-Less, Passion, The Balance of Polarities, The Deepening of the Mystical Self.

THREE:  Artistic Expression, Creativity, Rooted, Strength, Joy, Laughter, Sociability, The Trinity, Optimism, Growth, Divinity of the Mind, Body, & Spirit.

FOUR:  Practicality, Stability, Self-Discipline, Loyalty, Security, Dedication, Beauty, Courage, Four Corners of a Foundation, Career Enjoyment, and Safety.

FIVE: Travel, Transformation, Adaptability, Versatility, Freedom, Resourcefulness, Energetic, Enterprising, Bold, Valiant, Dauntless, Impromptu and Adventurous.

SIX:  Service, Understanding, Synchronicity, Inner Truth, Harmony, Inspiration, Beauty, Art Community, Generosity, Philanthropist Deeds and Volunteerism.

SEVEN:  Spirituality, Perfection, Mental Analysis, Clear Thinking, Wisdom, Musings, Triumph Over Limitations, Meditation and Mystical Realms, Solitude, Reflection, and Sagacity.

EIGHT:  The Cultivation of Knowledge, Financial Gain, Self-empowerment, Perspicacity, Wealth, Achievement, Gifts, Compensation, Dividends, Benefits, Profit, Global Conscious Awareness, Abundance, and Infinity.

NINE:  Universality, Wholeness, Benevolence, Good Will, Tender-heartedness, Charity, Consideration,  Altruism, Humanity, Honorable.

Master Numbers:

11 – Eleven is the Student, learning new things, having already mastered many levels of Self.

22 – Twenty-two is the Teacher, passing along what they have learned through personal experience.

33 – Thirty-three is the merging of Student and Teacher, knowing they are one and the same, aware that what they are teaching is what they most need to learn, and the more they teach it, the more real it becomes for them.

44 – Forty-four is dedicated to Earth, the environment, coming out of the focus on Self to focus on the outer world.

55 – Fifty-five is a catalyst for change, aware that their very presence in the lives of others is helpful for initiating course-corrections, inspiring new beginnings, prompting the arrival of Cosmic 2 x 4s to remove blockages and initiate new flow… not always comfortable, but always necessary.

66 – Sixty-six is the Healer, the energy-worker, the Shaman, committed to healing in all forms, inner and outer, and helping others.

77 – Seventy-seven is the Manifester, knowing that spiritual lessons manifest on the physical level, able to manifest whatever is needed or desired, understanding the dynamics of the Law of Attraction and able to use it for Self and others.

88 – Eighty-eight is the Master, aware of their responsibilities and power, capable of making clear-headed decisions that affect their own life and the lives of others, the Leader, leading by example, taking charge without questioning what might be required and willing to take responsibility for their choices.

99 – Ninety-nine is the Humanitarian, having the big picture, aware of the flow of consciousness and the power of mass-thought-forms, the Universalist helping with the greater cause for good, unconcerned with their own needs, focusing on the needs of others, desiring to make the world a better place. Ninety-nine is also completion and preparing the way for a new beginning, but always for many, not for the Self.

For details on what it's like to live in the energy of your home, please consult the book, The Home Whisperer - Feng Shui Simplified, by Sharyn Jordan Hathcock.

THOUGHTS ABOUT ONE’S HOME ENERGY…As Flavia quotes, “There is significance in every moment and the beauty of life is that you can create your own destiny.”  Play with your address.  Per your postal regulations, can you change Road into Rd. or Dr. into Drive?  What energy will these changes produce?  We always have choice and although your address may have certain energies, so does the year and day you were born.  And of course, your name is certainly a container for energetic value.  Know that you are guided into deeper understanding and to quote Flavia once again, “When we embrace the quiet times, we open our hearts to the gift and the profound purpose of the moment.  Often, this quiet time is when we discover the real beauty our souls are made of, the undaunted strength of our faith, and the wondrous miracle it is just to be alive.”

As always, “Living in Balance, Harmony, Intention & Infinite Gratitude

Copyright © Sharyn Jordan Hathcock, All Rights Reserved