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Basking in the Glow of Re*Do's

Our mis-'takes' offer us the most amazing journey. In fact, they are actually Magical, Mystical, Marvelous Mis-'Takes.' Once we re*alize we can stop our life and re*view what just happened, insight unfolds! To further elaborate...

In the movie business, to wrap a scene just right, it is common to have several 'takes'. In a book, there is a similar treatment, certainly there is a foregone expectation of it having being proofed and edited. Although this book went through all of the aforementioned processes, somehow there were mis-'takes'. I first discovered these mis-'takes' en route to the book's launch at the festive International Feng Shui's annual convention.

OH DEAR, my heart sank, my eyes welled up with tears - I was in total disbelief! Thankfully this event attracted renowned energy workers, seasoned authors and even HGTV hosts who shared how common these mis-'takes' are. I was undaunted, as I believed the book would fulfill its destiny of elegantly healing hearts and hearths. There was a deep sense of KNOWING that it would draw unto it wisdom-ready readers. For just like the infinite human spirit gathers what it needs to grow and blossom, so it would be with this book's teaching journey. Time has revealed that these mis-'takes' are actually blessings, as our flaws are splendid tools of wisdom. Little did I realize my that my fan mail would soon unveil how these magical, mystical, marvelous mis-'takes' or oversights are, in reality, insights.

Who knew? Readers 'decoded' these mystical words and gained a deeper knowledge accompanied by tangible mercies. They deemed the book a path to forgiving one's self and were able to move forward, creating their own sacred spaces - within and without. For within each of you is a storehouse of shimmering treasures of talents, gifts, and abilities we have yet to know. They lie buried within your own heart and hearth and are easily re*membered by way of this amazing book... page by page you are empowered to think with your heart, learning to create a supportive, sacred home and through this process, you will step into glowing opportunities and experiences. Synchronicity, possibilities, self-worth, self-confidence, validation, wisdom... these are but a few of the treasures that will emerge.

The value of these are priceless because they can never be taken away - this wholeness, the harmony is forever yours. Now that you know these hidden messages exist, begin this book on page 101 - Unconditional Love and then start where you are intuitively led. With pencil in hand, re*take your Life Scenes 1, 2, 3, 4 or more; correct the text, make notes to self and/or simply read between the lines. With each billet you write, re*lease yourself and discover the meaning behind each word. Delve into these timeless teachings and allow the hidden beauty/treasures of your heart & hearth to open. Re*move the imprint of any and all lack!

This is your catalyst to live in awakened abundance, inspiration, strength, creativity, sustainability and lasting love - basking in the glow of complete fulfillment. In this time of global transition, this re*markable book guides you on the path of delicious transformations... uncover/discover your treasures... within and without. Re*member, through Feng Shui Simplified, you can now unearth your hidden treasure and re*write your entire story - this knowledge is re*found within your heart and hearth.

Be Inspired,

~ Sharyn Jordan Hathcock ~ Feng Shui Scholar, Author, Environmental Healer

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