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Sharyn's Feng Shui mastery provides a portal of wisdom and delight for her clients. Since 1995, she has transformed hundreds of homes and business into environmental excellence. As an environmental intuitive, healer, and symbologist, Sharyn literally reads her clients' energetic story and beautifully balances it with the Cosmic Trinity of Heaven, Earth, and Humanity luck. Whether her clients intention is to create abundance, be in a deeply fulfilling relationship, or to excel in a fantabulous career, this divine re*write empowers them to discover a profound sense of mission, purpose and destiny.

Sharyn brings her exceptional blend of evolving Feng Shui know-how, her forty years as a highly successful entrepreneur and her love of travel to each workshop and to every residential and commercial consultation. Her mission is to teach the world how to embrace life’s sweetness and to create a life they love.

Sharyn is the designer of Golden Harmony8 Energy Medicine Cards™, elegant silk banners of the Golden Mandala, and all Eight Mansions of the Bagua complete with artwork and text. She is a Western School of Feng Shui graduate and holds advanced certifications in Real Estate and Essential™ Feng Shui. Through the International Feng Shui Guild, Sharyn has demonstrated that her vast knowledge, excellent training and lengthy experience is in the highest of standards.

She is a Red Ribbon Professional, the accomplished developer of Algorithm Methodology, Seminar Facilitator, Residential/Commercial Consultant, and an esteemed Environmental Healer.

Additional accomplishments:

  • Location Transformation in Real Estate via Feng Shui
  • 9 Star Ki (Chi) Certification & Accomplished Vedic Astrologer
  • Space Clearing
  • Reading the Language of the Face Alumnus
  • Flying Star Feng Shui
  • Essential Compass School Certification
  • I Ching Master Studies
  • Inventor of the Quantum Energy Game for True Transformational Awareness
  • Author of The Home Whisperer ~ Feng Shui Simplifed and The Starr Children of Now... How to Successfully Teach & Parent These Brilliant Beams of Light


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