Wood ~ Intrinsic Life-force Energy

The tree's graceful branches soar into the skies finding guidance
and its deep root system is grounded strength. 
Heaven is above and earth is below gifting humankind beauty and expansion.

Chi is a circuitous flow of energy connecting humanity with the Cosmic Consciousness and the Earth. The energy of life itself can only stay alive through dynamic movement. There are five universal qualities ascribed to these dynamisms, wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of these qualities has an energetic pattern, color enhancement, symbolism, characteristics, direction. The Wood element embodies the power of upward growth, creativity and the renewal of springtime-it is an uplifting energy. It is the only one of the five elements that possesses intrinsic or actual life energy such as the gardens full of living flowers, herbs, plants, vegetables and the trees. Each are living entities whose auric fields are vital and very much alive.

Their energetic pattern is columnar making the tall trees an excellent symbol and environmental affirmation of wood. Wood transforms a tiny seed into a tree. Think of the tree's verticality. In fact, tree's strong roots symbolize family lineages where unwavering support prevents one from being blown away by life crises. Yet the flowing tree branches permit flexibility. This kind of support aids one when the forceful winds of life try to disrupt life's harmony and balance. During these times of challenge, seeds of purpose are planted in the soil of abundance. With courage and trust, each seed can grow into maturity. This maturity or the energy of wood has long been associated with forgiveness, expansion, focus and strength, and new beginnings. Wood energy is the planet's life force. Her direction is east, the rising sun and spring.

Too little wood in an environment can engender a feeling of mistrust and a closed mindset. Too much wood and a feeling of being overwhelmed will prevail, and grow so fast that a strong root system does not have time to develop. In balance, wood lends itself to being a catalyst or an energizer...where creativity flows open mindedness grows.

The colors of wood are green and blue. Green is health-promoting and, just like the bamboo plant, it is an energizer, and yet it is known to calm the nervous system, promoting tranquility. Green promises hope and inspires expansion. Green represents growth and nature where its ecology logically balances the environment. It isn't a surprise that the grass, trees and flowers live in harmony. The color green strengthens the heart, lungs, thymus glands as it rules the fourth chakra. Green is associated with renewal, eternal life, prosperity, beauty, fertility, family, learning and contentment.

Just as the color of green is hope, blue is the color of faith. Blue is also the color of intellect, peace, meditation, spiritual understanding. When a project or endeavor holds great potentiality, it is considered to be “blue skies.” Blue is greater soul awareness, compassion, and considered to be a mediator of truth. When one is true blue, they are deemed as being loyal.

Wood gifts us with beauty and in return, we should be good stewards of nature. As we share in her unconditional bounty, we are reminded of her grace, generosity and abiding strength.


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