Water - The Depths Of Our Being

Without comprising the desires of our heart, water's flow helps us
merge private dreams into public responsibilities
it is from this place where we express who we truly are.

The water element reminds us of Rilke's quote, “There is only one journey. Going within.” Turning within to reflect on your life choices strengthens your inner connection to the mysteries of the greater web of life. Working and playing in the flow creates fresh days filled with abundant opportunities for continual re*newal. Water's direction is north… as in 'finding one's true north.” The fluidity of this element reminds us that through the course of our lives, we fully experience the expansiveness of the ocean, the steaming of a river, the calmness of a lake, and the majesty of a waterfall. Deeply lodged within each of these experiences, is the opportunity to connect with our highest destiny. If fear attempts to rob you of your destiny, know that there is a lifeline. Within this chasm lies the opportunity to shape your desired future. For it is only from these subterranean recesses (the emotional waters of uncertainty) where potentiality unfolds. At some point in time, everyone has passed through these very same murky waters. These choppy currents such as illness, the death of a loved one, weariness, doubt and even depression will challenge every fiber of your being. Summon courage calling on your ability to BELIEVE in the best outcome. “Fear Knocked, Faith Answered, and No One Was Home”.

Also, re*flection yields clarity. In this place, we are indeed re*juvenated. There is a perpetual link to Cosmic Consciousness and when venturing out in right action, one is less likely to experience life's shadowy waters where indecision confronts and confuses one. By working through the waters of life, one can discover their true gifts. Talents are sometimes hidden with the cloak of adversity. Giving thanks for your challenges takes the edges off of them and helps you to move through them with integrity and again, deep courage.

Waters colors are black, blue, and/or very deep and dark tones. The moon is associated with water and thus, our dreamtime. Historically, the significance of dreams reveals deeper insights or an overview of a pressing situation or upcoming circumstance. This is a spiritual connection to greater awareness and the experience may capitulate you towards greater wisdom. These nighttime visions are indeed mystical. Prior to going to sleep, ask the dream weavers to send you soul awareness thought insightful dreaming. If you have a project that is taxing, bring it up on your mind's screen and give thanks that it is being re*solved. If you have a special desire of your heart, see it on a large movie theatre screen. You can feel as though you are in the audience watching it all come to pass. Smile as you slip into the dreamy world of a wonderful night sleep kNOWing all of your heart's desires are finding their way to you. BELIEVE~

Curvilinear or wavy lines represent Water. Think of its free-form movement and consider all of the patterns therein. This asymmetrical line is symbolic of forever flowing. Operative words associated with water are courage, motivation, transformation, alignment, trust, dreamy, intuitive, unconventional, truth seeking, sensual, exotic, independent and spirituality. Water is symbolic of re*markable internal re*sources capable of re*freshing your spirit. Herein, the mystery is solved. Living our life purpose allows water's stream of consciousness to lend lucidity to the other four elements of wood, fire, earth, and metal. Water seeks new paths through the mountain, extinguishes too much fire, reduces metal and nurtures wood. Water has two energies... yang-moving and yin-still. Moving water creates the energy pattern of attracting abundance, career excellence and the flow of financial increases. You have heard that still waters run deep...this watery pattern is-as above stated, going within. Water re*presents germination and gestation...birthing new paths. Thus the water/womb is transformational therefore, water is synonymous with deep wisdom.


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