Metal - Refinement

The Cosmic Helper's silver ribbon wrapped itself around the earth...with each swirl, the love of the Father radiated back to humanity blessing its people with Universal Awareness and intuition. They spoke the language of soul and peace was made manifest.

Metal holds the energy of the encompasses the energy of movement going inward, contracts, and condensing... it spins, pulls and pushes. It is forever creating a pattern of various energies coming together in a unified composition. Metal inspires, is aware, idealistic, gracious, genuine, creative, powerful, beauty and represents the Father energy. As metal melts, little circular droplets form. In a circle, energy is considered yang, powerful and in constant movement. The circle spins energy outward and at the same time, it draws energies together. In the collective consciousness, this is viewed as the merging of individual awareness with the greater community of cosmic consciousness.

Where the yang version is considered a circle, the yin metal is an arch-the rainbow. Or if one thinks about it, the Mickey D arches... hmmm, could this ancient symbolism (and of course, savvy marketing) have played a role in McDonald's great success story? It is associated with the West and the Northwest. In the Chinese language, the word metal is synonymous with the word Gold. Its colors are pastels, white, gold and silver.

Metal governs the heavenly aspect, the angelic realm and effects sacred guidance by walking in spirit and living in synchronicity and being the right person, in the right place, at the right time. To welcome this metal chi and affirm its environmental strengths, place anything of silver, copper, brass, gold or stainless steel in the right hand space of your entrance's quadrant, also photos or statuaries of inspirational people, such as St. Francis, Quan Yin, Jesus, angels or Buddha.

The gemstones – precious and semiprecious – are excellent chatzkies. Just to name a few: Celestite encourages the flow of life, it is a stone for balance, assists in the clairaudient, in deep wisdom, and bliss. When compressed, the Anglelite stone aids you in your journey to peace and spiritual awareness. It assists with creativity and provides protection. An Agate and a Jasper stone promotes stability and grounding...if you find yourself going too far out and not accomplishing as much as you would prefer, carry one of these stones around.

The Amethyst is said to attract abundance and true enrichment into one's lives via deep contentment. Beryl is wonderful for intuition, Cat's Eye enhances awareness, Marble is associated with logical thinking; Jet is calming, and the Sun Stone brings forth leadership abilities and abundance. Other environmental affirmations are metal wind chimes, bells, children books, music, dolphins, golden rule, globes, silver boxes, and mentioned above, crystals.

Per its elemental persuasion, Joy is its keynote energy. In the I Ching's #58, per Hanna Moog and Carol Anthony, “The Joyful. Success. Perseverance is favorable. The trigram Tui, doubled in this hexagram, has been traditionally associated with two images, the still water of the lake and the stagnant water of the swamp. Here, the Sage pointed to “still water” as representing the conditions that bring about true joy, and 'stagnant water' as the conditions that prevent it.

The still water thus represents the Cosmic Principle of Joy. Defined further, the still water of the lake represents the liquidity and stillness of the mind that make insight possible. Liquidity means not fixed on one's views, while stillness is the absence of ego-emotions and preconceived ideas. Liquidity and stillness make a person receptive to the light then enable instant communication with the Sage through mind-flashes.

A mind-flash occurs when the liquid light transforms Cosmic Consciousness (which exists as a feeling) into words or images that express the Cosmic Truth needed in the movement. It is to be noted that mind-flashes are but one of the myriad of ways in which the Sage is able to communicate.” Be of Great Joy


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