Fire - Enthusiasm

In the chambers of your heart, enthusiasm and love are faithfully aglow. These twin flames ignite a state of awakened enlightenment. Be inspired... bask in life's radiant glow,
standing in the brilliant light from within.

Fire is the alchemist. Fire rises and is transformational. Just like the Phoenix, it re*invents itself according to illumination and integrity. This is the energy of both destruction (burning off that which no longer serves you) and creation. Think of summer time at high noon where the red-hot sun ignites your will power. This expansive energy is about living your life from the heart and loving the life you are living! This energetic pattern encourages us to step into that which we truly are and be known for our wholeness. It is associated with being dynamic, exuberant and inspirational. The sound of fire is laughter, its emotion is pure joy and the climate is hot, hot, hot. The energy of Fire is excitement moving upward and outward. It is vivacious, physically affectionate and humorous. It desires intimacy and loves change. This is the guiding power behind fighting for your strong and noble principals.

So what are you are standing around for? Gather up 9 (this is fire's numerical code) candles and place them in the very back-middle section of your home. (See my book, page 137 for energetic room patterns.) With your intentions made very clear and love in your heart, light each candle and give thanks. Imagine being one with the flames and with your intentions openhearted, be ready to receive admiration and re*spect for the many good deeds you are going to accomplish. With each candle you light, allow your inner light to radiate. See yourself living your life abundantly as you set forth your new and shining self.

Too much fire in an environment produces aggression and sets up the possibility to be exhausted by burning the candle at both ends. This leads to complete burnout. Too little fire and a cold, uninspiring apathy will weigh down a home and its residents. When in balance, fire produces creativity showing you how you can share your beautifully original gifts with the world. Fire inspires and fuels passion and clarity.

Fire’s geometric energy is the triangle, which is found in the diamond-cut gem, the pyramids, sunburst and the fire shape of itself. Its color is red or orange for yang and purple for yin fire energy. Fire is enhanced with photos or artwork of people or animals, the sun, fireplaces, bright lights, the Phoenix, candles and all items in the color of red or orange. Its operative words are awareness, respect, enlightenment and enthusiasm. Its season is summer and its gemstones are the ruby, tiger's eye, sunstone, fiery opal and the brilliant star sapphire. Let your light shine, shine, shine! ~Be Radiant~


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