Earth-Mother's Timeless Stability

Your purpose here on the Earth is to give the gifts that your soul desires to give;
those that create harmony, cooperation, charing,
and reverence for life, no matter what form they take.” Unknown

The element of Earth is the power of constancy. Earth's Sedona-like colors speak to the deeper parts of us as her terracotta, golden wheat, sienna orange, brick red, sable brown soothes our senses. Think of the people who are known as 'the salt of the earth' they are considered to be reliable and trustworthy. In one's environment, if there is too little of earth's influence there will be instability. Too much and rigidity sets in. In perfect balance, peace of mind, sustainable living, and inner harmony are experienced.Mother Earth represents the nurturer, the receptive one, the maternal, acceptance, devotion and bliss. It is where you fined and express unconditional love.

Just as the energy of fire asks you to have an open heart and spread your love abroad, this energy asks that you openly receive love. Since earth energy is caring and is a caregiver, it is essential for one to take care of their self. Make wise decisions and foster a healthy sense of self.Cultivate relationships that are mutually supportive and trustworthy. At its core, earth is calling you to move beyond yourself and make a commitment to make a difference.

No matter how small, earth's long-term energy supports this decision and will see you through.Earth's geometric pattern is the square... perfectly symmetrical and stable where strong and lasting foundations are built. Its grounding and solid energy are about connecting and embracing one another. Its direction is neither east, west, south or north, it is found in the geographic center.

Although we will find the compass directions of big earth in the southwest and small earth in the northeast, its essential energy is the center of the home and produces golden energy for Metal energies. Earth luck actual complements heaven luck Jesus inspired us to, “Be Ye the Salt of the Earth.” So go forth and flavor the earth and its people with nurturing kindness, devotion, commitment and integrity.

Remember, peace resides in your walls and wealth lives in your noble home. Sweet Earth is essential to safety and sustainability.


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